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More Than Meets the Eye

by -> E. C. R. Potter
Reviews (289) | Updated : 13/09/09 | Published : 21/10/07 | Action/Adventure/Mystery | Rating: PG13
This chapter was posted on: 13/09/09

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Author’s Note,

To all of my readers I thank you for your time.  Hope you’ve all enjoyed my fics… even though I haven’t actually written any Harry Potter fanfics in over a year.  Well, if anybody’s curious, there’s a reason why.  For the past several months my fanfiction cravings have been channeled into a different franchise.  For those of you whom have just read through this very fic, I’m sure you just might have figured out which franchise this is.  That said, my new hobby is a little different from conventional fanfiction.

            With Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen and Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince in theaters, I figure now would be a good time for a little shameless self plugging.  Click, on the following link to follow my new hobby and my current approach at telling a fanfic:

I don’t know if the url works in this format so you might have to copy and paste the link.  Anyway, does this mean I’m done with Harry Potter finfics?  Certainly not, but I have no plans for them at present.  Right now, all of my fanfic energies are directed at this project of mine.  But if I ever get inspired by another plot, well that’s then.

            So anyway, thank you for reading.  Hope you enjoy.

E. C. R. Potter

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