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Rank Top Reviewers (This Month) Revs Top Reviewers (All Time) Revs
1 Green_Eyes_&_Bushy_Hair 148 Harry85 5091
2 HarmonyKPOP619 45 destroyerdrt 4665
3 hhralways 19 KypDurron 3101
4 rocketsgo 8 Lady Starlight 2844
5 Hexist 6 usha88 2601
6 Skyraider 5 ears91 2480
7 codyw1 5 HeidiHo 1784
8 Ms_Harmony 4 shawnpickett 1648
9 HowlSword 3 MyUsedRomance 1469
10 CA Crawford 3 lzod 1422
Rank Most Read - Single Chapter (All Time)   Most Read - Multi Chapter (All Time)  
1 little games gone wild (NC17) by Sorrentomoon Harry Potter and the Circle's End (NC17) by madscientist  
2 Duel (NC17) by grnshields Last Dance (R) by Amynoelle and Heaven  
3 Birth of a Dark Lord (NC17) by Seelvor Harry Potter and the Fifth Element (R) by Bexis  
4 Fulfillment (NC17) by danielerin Forever Knight (NC17) by DeliverMeFromEve  
5 Incentive (R) by KateJ. Harry's Seventh Year (R) by Harrys Mistress  
6 How Much? (NC17) by weird4hanson While You Were Sleeping (NC17) by Harrys Mistress  
7 Envy (NC17) by Twitch E. Littleferret Magic Never Dies (R) by Lynney  
8 Best Friend With Benefits (NC17) by Elessar1201 Love Lost. Love Found. (R) by Harrys Mistress  
9 Expressions of Gratitude (NC17) by Emily North Harry Potter and the Sword of Gryffindor (NC17) by serpentclone  
10 Not a Sister (NC17) by Bingblot Harry Potter and the Lions of Gryffindor (R) by madscientist  
11 The Prefects Bathroom (NC17) by Amethyst Taste (NC17) by KateJ.  
12 The Boy Who Wanted Her (NC17) by Jori The Four of Hearts (NC17) by Harrys Mistress  
13 Quidditch Robes (NC17) by Amethyst Its Just Pretend (R) by Harrys Mistress  
14 O (NC17) by cheering charm What I Always Wanted (NC17) by Searcy  
15 Full Of Surprises (NC17) by pottersmissus Muggle Summer (PG13) by canoncansodoff  
16 Expecting (PG13) by Granger More Important Things (NC17) by Twitch E. Littleferret  
17 A Fair Exchange (NC17) by weird4hanson Bearings (NC17) by MattD12027  
18 Unexpected (NC17) by simons_flower Harry Potter and the Demon's Soul (NC17) by Hotaru  
19 Facing the Morning After (NC17) by Amethyst The In Between Places (PG13) by ChocolateFrogsForBreakfast  
20 Harry's Truth: NC-17 (NC17) by Harry202 Just One More Thing (NC17) by HarryandHermionesLoveChild  
Rank Most Reviewed - Single Chapter (All Time) Revs Most Reviewed - Multi Chapter (All Time) Revs
1 Envy (NC17) by Twitch E. Littleferret 199 Harry Potter and the Green Flame Torch (PG13) by Jack Ryan 2667
2 Why? (PG) by funvince 182 What was and what could be (PG) by bentheslayer 1113
3 Expecting (PG13) by Granger 171 25 Things A Perfect Guy Would Do (PG) by VipyGirl831 598
4 Delusional (NC17) by TheGreatFox2000 166 Protection, Possession (PG13) by LostEboni 315
5 Hopeless (PG13) by Viopathartic 166 The Depraved Secret Journal of Hermione Granger (PG13) by IslandPrincess1 518
6 How Much? (NC17) by weird4hanson 159 3 Tents 6 Bodies- What to do? (PG13) by Gwendalynn Shaw 388
7 Hack. Snort. Cough. Sneeze. (G) by Goldy 158 Taste (NC17) by KateJ. 1064
8 There Goes the World (PG13) by Goldy 158 Come Together (PG13) by Granger 1043
9 Whole Again (NC17) by T.C. Geralds 153 Just Friends? (PG13) by Amynoelle 1593
10 It's All Relative (PG13) by danielerin 152 Everybody Knows (PG13) by Classic Cowboy 455
11 One Simple Thing (G) by Demosthenes 142 Kissing Lessons for the Beginner (NC17) by Amethyst 905
12 Taking a Deeper Look (PG) by Caramella 139 Takes Two to Tango (NC17) by Harrys Mistress 219
13 O (NC17) by cheering charm 137 "Why are we in a cupboard?" (PG13) by Nilrem 432
14 Sorceress, Know Thyself (PG13) by LadyTuesday 135 Drop in the Ocean (PG13) by Amynoelle 2898
15 Midnight Lesson (PG) by Harrys Mistress 133 Magic Never Dies (R) by Lynney 3077
16 Choosing a Portkey (PG) by Innermurk 127 Scholarly Interests (NC17) by LadyTuesday 1014
17 Voldemort's Journal (R) by Artorius 126 A Night To Remember (NC17) by Harrys Mistress 402
18 Fulfillment (NC17) by danielerin 122 Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered (NC17) by cheering charm 1874
19 Lip Locking 101 (R) by Satashi 121 Its Just Pretend (R) by Harrys Mistress 1541
20 Harry Potter & the Terrible, Hideous, All Better Day (NC17) by Lynney 121 Dirty Dancing (R) by Amynoelle and Heaven 2116

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