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Finding "Happily Ever After"

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Signed | Chapter : 1 | Date : 24/06/11
Love It So Far! You Need To Update Soon For Sure!

Signed | Chapter : 1 | Date : 01/02/09
this is a brilliant story, please keep writing it when you can, although i love a marriage of convenience, i really want to see what happens here
good one
Author Feedback: I promise I'll get round to this one eventually. Right now I really think it's best I just work on one fic, though. AMoC doesn't have all that much to go on it. I'm definitely in the last 1/3 of the story, so it shouldn't be too long now.

Signed | Chapter : 1 | Date : 08/01/09
Well I would be lying if I said that wasn't interesting but that's a pretty complicated mess to be in. o-x

Unsigned | Chapter : 1 | Date : 13/09/08
i really like this fic, its very original and i am a big fan of the d/g partnership. i also love a marriage of convenience so please keep writing both, they're very good!

Signed | Chapter : 1 | Date : 15/08/08
I love this story please tell me you'll write more when your done with Marriage.
This is such a great fic and really has potential. I love the cool calm Draco, he didn't snap at Ginny and he didn't yell at her for keeping him out of his daughters life I can't wait to see what would happen in their future...
More Please!
Author Feedback: I will indeed work on this once I have finished Marriage, though with the rate that story is going, goodness knows when that will be.

I like this story though. It's quite refreshing to take a more mature Draco (something I rarely get to do wiith my fics) and really let the good side of him shine. Of course, he'll still be our favourite sarcastic and witty guy, but I quite like seeing him in this light for once.

This story is truly just going to be straight romance. No great action, no massively huge dramas (though the divorce naturally will be hard), but I'm really hoping to take a more mature and realistic approach to this story, which means that everyone will be as in character as much as the story will allow. I hope that you will enjoy it when I do get around to it.

Signed | Chapter : 1 | Date : 29/07/08
This story is good. I like the name of the chapter. I like the kind and gentle scene with Draco and Lyra.
Author Feedback: Glad you liked it. I think too many times people make Draco to be a jerk in fics like this. I wanted to explore a more softer side of him, but I don't want to strip his character completely of his draco-ness.

Thanks for reviewing!

Datt gyall
Unsigned | Chapter : 1 | Date : 27/07/08
WANT MORE!!!! lol
i hope yhu make this into a novel
yhu have a strong start.
nd if this juss plain \"Brainstormin\"
yhu have a natural talentt.
G-d bless itt =]
Author Feedback: It will be a long-chaptered fic once I get back into it. I just really needed to get the first chapter down so I wouldn't forget it.

Thank you for reviewing.

Signed | Chapter : 1 | Date : 26/07/08
Wow this story is really awesome!!! i really loved it!! it was a pretty good idea for a story it's awesome hope to read more of it
Author Feedback: Thanks.

I've been wanting to do an idea like this for the longest time, but I could never figure out a way to do it without making Draco look like a total jerk for leaving here. Then it hit me; why not do it DH compatible?

It worked for me, so I decided to just go with it and this is how it turned out. I'm tempted to carry on to the next chapter, but I really need to get that next chapter of AMOC written.

Thanks for reviewing

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