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Cupid's Little Helper

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Sailor Universe
Signed | Chapter : 1 | Date : 28/02/08
hmm... as i looked back to see if i'd ever reviewed this, i saw the reply that you'd left me, and i guess i never replied to the reply. go figure.
but if you're still thinking about it, the adventures of a bored ministry worker sound like fun. playing cupid, terrorizing (see also: playing pranks, etc. etc. NOT the next voldemort! haha), stuff of that sort

Signed | Chapter : 1 | Date : 12/07/06
Heh heh. This was very cute.

And I can totally understand the boredom of being a drone in the Ministry. I expect many of them get up to far worse things than sending fake love letters.

Unsigned | Chapter : 1 | Date : 25/06/06
That was cute. I liked how it was from cupid's POV. It was very blunt in the way they got together, but I suppose that is Luna's characteristic. I would think Ron would've thought a little more about it. Great job. Glad to see that you wrote a R/Lu fic, not much out there...

Signed | Chapter : 1 | Date : 09/06/06

that was a very different and intriging type of fan fic.

never read one like it!


Sage Vale
Signed | Chapter : 1 | Date : 08/06/06
Cupid's a funny lil dude, eh? At least he knew what was going to happen.

-- Sage

Lady Starlight
Signed | Chapter : 1 | Date : 07/06/06
That's rather hilarious, if abrupt.
This idea would be fun if drawn out more as well.

Signed | Chapter : 1 | Date : 07/06/06
I woold love to know who Cupid's little helper has been.
My guess would be Hermione or Harry *grins*

Signed | Chapter : 1 | Date : 07/06/06
*laugh* A very cute Ron and Luna fic!! It definately made me smile. So, who is the bored ministry worker? Has to be someone that knows them a bit. Great job!
Author Feedback: Hehe, and I had a lot of fun writing it too, so thanks for reviewing.

Well at the moment the bored ministry worker is anonymous but they will be getting a few more stories from me later.

Sailor Universe
Signed | Chapter : 1 | Date : 07/06/06
i'm almost afraid to wonder who this ministry worker IS! lol

i loved reading this! i'm a fan of ron and luna, but i don't usually read fanfics based on the two of them... this was cute and really funny (i would have died laughing if "jenna fitness" and her "sweet baby chops" was the one to set up ron and luna but... uh, NO? LOL)

Author Feedback: hehe that would have been funny.

I'm thinking of writing a collection of fics about the adventures of the bored ministry worker. What do you think?

Signed | Chapter : 1 | Date : 06/06/06
this was funny, I love Luna and Ron together , they are perfect for each other dont they?
great one, thanks!!!
Author Feedback: Thankyou for reading.

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