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Harry Potter and the Lions of Gryffindor

by -> madscientist
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Harry Potter and the Lions of Gryffindor

Where we are right now:
At this point Harry and his friends are dealing with the repercussions from the defining events of their sixth year at Hogwarts. Voldemort has come into the open with his war, however the Ministry of Magic is still keeping the full impact from the public, the muggle public at least. Arthur Weasley has been appointed Minister of Magic, following Fudge's removal for cause from the office. Arthur's record is far from spotless however, as the mass escape of all the Death Eaters in September of last year that were captured by the Order in the battle at the Ministry at the end of year 5, and the subsequent attacks by those same freed Death Eaters and their new recruits, have left many muggles and wizards dead or injured. At school, all was not safe either; both Ron and Hermione have been attacked, and almost killed.

This animosity culminated with a trap for Hermione that almost killed her in front of Harry during the final Quiddich match of the year with Slytherin, a match that ended with Harry with another broken arm, but an amazing catch of both Hermione and the snitch. This last year also featured the spectacular turndown of Ron by Hermione, who by the time Ron asked her out, had long figured out that she was really in love with Harry. Both Harry and Hermione realized what their feelings meant, in the snow outside of the Burrow, right before Christmas, where Hermione had fled with her parents, following their being caught in a random Death Eater attack. In a futile attempt to protect each other, they had deigned their feelings, and themselves.

They were fated in the end to fail at their deceptions as in the last Hogsmeade weekend, Voldemort's forces attacked Hogsmeade, with the help of Trolls, a couple of dragons, and many Death Eaters. At the height of the battle Harry faced several Death Eaters alone in a burning building without his wand or the Gryffindor sword, which had become his in this year. As he thought he was as good as dead, Hermione appeared like a guardian angel through the flames and managed to fight enough of the Death Eaters alone to allow Harry to escape this trap.

This climatic battle had spawned further revelations, in the end, a pair of Death Eaters managed to get behind her, and were about to strike her down, when Harry blasted both of them though a wall with a wandless banishing spell. With this they both declared their feelings surrounded by the fallout from the battle. This battle had its costs however both to Hogwarts and Hogsmeade; several students were killed outright with many others wounded. As to Hogsmeade, the cost to the town was high, with at least a quarter of the populace injured in someway, and several establishments destroyed entirely, including Zonkos, and the Honeydukes franchise. The pain did not end there, as Ron finding out about Harry and Hermione's new status before they had a chance to let him know, resulted in a spectacular fight in the halls at Hogwarts outside of the infirmary full of injured students, and an icy train ride home. By the end of the sixth year, the main characters have started to show the powers that may yet allow them to triumph over the Dark Lord, or at least give it a good run. The story starts on Harry's birthday between his 6th and 7th year at Hogwarts. Harry is now 17, Hermione will be 17 in 49 days (September 19), and Ron is already of age. And now, here we go, Harry Potter Year 7: Harry Potter and the Lions of Gryffindor.

Chapter 1: My brown-eyed girl

******4 Privet Drive******

July 31 2005 Just after Midnight

In a tiny room in a typical suburban home a young man stirred and muttered in his sleep. "No, damn, you, NO!" He screamed as he jerked awake. Sitting up slowly, the young man panted slightly, and ran his fingers though a mop of messy, sweaty, jet-black hair. He was shirtless in the July heat, as his adoptive guardians had long ago blocked any air conditioning into this room. From this, one could see that he was thin, but in excellent shape, and that several small and not so small scars marred his chest, arms and back. But these features in and of themselves were not truly distinctive, the only things that truly distinguished him from thousands of others like him, were shockingly bright green eyes, and a curious lightning bolt shaped scar on his forehead, which at this moment was luridly standing out on his temple.

He looked over at the bedside clock sitting next to a pair of unusual photos and noticed that the time was 12:07 am. The young man now performed a peculiar act. He pulled a stick, similar to a conductor's baton from under his pillow and twirled it though his fingers. Hmm I guess this means no more letters from the Ministry about being underage, he thought pensively, looking down at his hands. He picked up the first of the photos, which showed a happy pair of people, one of who looked almost exactly like him. The really odd thing about the photos was that the people in the photo were moving. Mum, Dad what am I supposed to do? He's my best friend in the world? What am I to say to him? He wouldn't even speak to Mione or I on the ride home he just got up and patrolled the train. We didn't try to cause this rift, it just happened. What with the aftermath of the assault on Hogsmeade and such we never got time to tell him, then he caught us and then....

With this thought he picked up the other picture. This one was obviously newer as it was color instead of the black and white of the other picture and more importantly, had the young man in the picture along with a beautiful girl with long brown curls and glowing, large brown eyes, and a tall, blue-eyed, red-haired, befreckled boy. The three of them were intriguingly wearing long black robes with a rampant lion on the pocket over what looked to be boarding school uniforms. However in this picture all was not well. The black haired boy and the brown haired girl were standing with their arms around each other mugging for the camera, while the red-haired boy stood over in the corner looking peeved, occasionally shooting annoyed glances at the pair.

Damn it Ron, I never thought about you, you hadn't said a word since forth year. How were we supposed to know that you still had feelings for Hermione? At least I didn't and if she knew she never told me. Of course she could have been trying to protect me, god knows I probably needed it after that trip into town, the only thing that kept me together was that we finally found each other that day. If I had had to take another's feelings into account then I probably would have just disappeared and the Dark Lord would have won that day.

Suddenly he heard a heavy tread on the stairs outside the room and through the door an angry yell thundered, "DAMN YOU BOY I HAVE TO SLEEP, I HAVE TO MAKE A SALE TOMMORROW TO KEEP YOUR FUCKING FACE FED! WHY THE HELL WE TOOK YOU IN AFTER YOUR BITCH OF A MOTHER DIED I DON'T KNOW!"

The head of the young man, who had been ignoring this repetitive tirade, snapped around to face the door like the turret of a battleship acquiring a target. A brief blue flash lit up his eyes and he responded in an icy tone just loud enough to be heard on the other side of the door. " Shut up about her!" To any sensible person, especially one of the boy's true kin, that warning would have put the fear of God into them, but the blustering man on the other side of that locked door had no such sense.


"Vernon", the young man replied, not raising his voice above the tone he had been using, "Do you know what date it is?" For a moment, the noise of crickets though the slightly open window could be heard in the silence, then:

"NO WHAT THE HELL DOES THAT HAVE TO DO WITH IT?" The angry voice retorted.

The young man laughed bitterly, "I know you never have remembered a birthday of mine, but I would have thought you'd marked this one down. I'm of age Vernon and all of those old rules go out the window." With these words, Harry Potter raised the stick, pointed it at the door and muttered "Alohomora". With the quickness of a striking snake, all of the locks that had been so carefully placed on the door to lock him in at night opened themselves with a rapid-fire series of clicks which sounded for all the world like a machine gun going off.

Sudden silence rang out from the other side of the door. After a minute, the sound of a heavy tread was heard once again, but this time beating a hasty retreat.

I hope I don't have to pay for that, I least I have my OWLs, I can get a job if nothing else. It did serve as a bit of a treat though, if I were half as evil as they thought I was I would put Riddle to shame. Harry reflected bitterly, his thoughts flashing back to the myriad torments he had endured over the years at his Uncle's hands.

As he looked around the room Harry noticed once again the empty space where normally a large birdcage sat on the dresser. I'm glad you at least didn't have to spend the month of Hell with me here Hedwig. I'm so glad Hermione agreed to take you for the month so at least you could fly free. I'm sorry that you couldn't go to Ron's, girl, to hang out with the other owls, but at least you are being cared for. Harry's thoughts once again split between the beautiful witch and the red-haired wizard in his photo, once again, he felt the bitter pang of that fight with Ron at the end of the school year.

Almost if the thought had become manifest, a light scratching was soon heard at the window. Looking up, Harry saw a snowy white owl looking impatiently at him through the panes of glass. He smiled a small smile and got up, grabbing a shirt from the side of the bed and throwing it on as he went over. Fully opening the window, he let the owl in. At least the damn bars are gone, I guess he was too cheap to replace them after Ron and the twins broke me out. A fresh flash of pain briefly shot though him at the thought of his best, or maybe former best friend. Shaking off the memory, he gently petted the owl and whispered, "Let's see what you have for me girl." Hedwig gave him a soft hoot in response and obediently extended her leg so he could more easily get to the message carried there.

Taking a folded parchment off of the owl's leg, he walked back over to his bed and sat down on it heavily, the bed emitting a loud squeak. Going to come up here and complain about the crappy bed you gave me Vernon? Opening up the bedside table he rummaged around until he found some old owl treats in the back of the drawer and tossed them over to Hedwig. "Sorry girl, that's what we have until I get out of here, hopefully you brought my release papers." Hedwig hooted reproachfully in response to his comment almost as if she were answering him, then with an air of distaste started picking at the old treats, like a small child eating her vegetables.

Harry looked at the letter his faithful familiar had brought and noticed the small, neat handwriting on the address:

Harry Potter
Smallest Bedroom
4 Privet Dr.

As soon as he recognized the handwriting it was as if a weight had come off his shoulders and a true grin replaced the half-arsed smile had had worn.

30 July

I have missed you so much! I can't believe that it has only been since June since I have seen you last. I know you sent Hedwig to my house to spare her the pain you must endure with those people, but I have kept her running ragged flying back and forth to Dumbledore and Lupin, demanding when we can come and get you. We will be there tomorrow and your Damn uncle and cousin better stay the hell out of our way when we come and get you, or I'll act like you and forget that I'm not of age for another eight weeks. Speaking of that, I um got a warning from the Ministry about that incident with your Uncle, but I have not yet achieved your record, love.

Language my dear, such language, I'm sure glad that you weren't here a few minutes ago, or you might have tied my record. Harry looked over at Hedwig and asked, "So she kept you busy?" But Hedwig merely gave him a dirty look as if to ask why he had left her with a crazy woman, Harry laughed softly and read on:

I think there may be hope on the Ron front, I have been talking to Ginny as she came over the other day, and it seems that the only one surprised in the Weasley household about us was Ron, and she says, "don't worry he's just being a damn git again." Honestly, Harry even if he doesn't forgive us, it's my fault, not yours. I never told you but right before that day in Hogsmeade, he tried to ask me out and I'm afraid that I might not have let him down easy enough. Actually I snapped at him something like "If you had said something two years ago then you might have had a chance." As usual I was buried in a book studying and worrying about things and Ron with his usual lousy timing asked me when I had too much on my mind. I apologized immediately and he said it was ok, but I guess that he really wasn't.

Explains a lot Mione, I wish you had told me before we had that difficulty with Ron after the battle and then later on the train.

Ginny says that about a week after we got back, Ron went for a walk in the village and when he came back he had a spring in his step and was happy and sunny to everyone. No one at the Burrow knows what is up with this, even Molly, but Ginny thinks it's genuine. That's what Ginny says anyway, but I think she knows more. I guess we will find out together tomorrow, actually today I'm sure, as the Owl flies. I have your present but since I have tired Hedwig out I thought I would just give it to you when I see you. I'll be there at 10:30 am to get you along with the usual escort crew. You better be waiting for me.

Waiting hell, I doubt I can sleep until then.


"Well girl, it looks like we better pack, we have ten hours before we never see this place again." Hopefully.

**********************4 Privet Drive, The living room***********************

10:35 am.


Harry didn't bother to comment, he just turned and looked at Vernon, who abruptly remembered this morning's conversation and shut up, his mouth snapping closed like a giant carp.

Suddenly with a series of loud cracks like fireworks, the room quickly got a whole lot more crowded. Standing in the middle of the room, the cracks of their apparations still echoing, was not only Harry's usual escort of Lupin, Tonks and Moody but also Albus Dumbledore. This sight alone, was enough to completely unhinge Vernon and Petunia; while the other three members of the Order of the Phoenix were basically dressed in more or less normal muggle get-ups, not withstanding Tonks currently bright pink hair, Dumbledore had shown up in his full Wizard regalia, complete to the pointed purple hat covered in glowing white stars. Privately, Harry wasn't sure if Dumbledore had dressed this way to reinforce the point he had made to the Dursleys a little over a month ago at King's Cross Station, or if he just liked the outfit, truthfully it most likely was a mixture of both. By now Vernon and Petunia were almost drooling on the white shag carpet of the immensely clean house, but Harry ignored them.

Just as Harry opened his mouth to greet Dumbledore, a vision walked into view. From behind Lupin, a girl almost exactly Harry's height, with wavy, golden-streaked, brunette hair and amber-speckled brown eyes emerged. She wasn't particularly dressed up; in fact she looked as if she had just thrown on some comfortable clothes for hanging out with friends. Her hair was pulled back into a simple ponytail and she was wearing worn jeans, an old loose sweatshirt with a picture of a lion munching on a broomstick and trainers; he didn't care a bit. He was just as awestruck as if she had shown up in an evening gown and heels with her hair made up. His aunt and uncle however for their part, cringed openly. Almost as if they were wizards and someone said had said the name Voldemort. They remembered quite well thank you, the last time that they had met this girl, a little over a month ago. For a fleeting second, Petunia even threw an accusatory glance at her own beloved son.

Hermione sauntered up to him, a crooked smile mirroring his own. Without saying a word she threw her arms around his neck, and grasping the back of his head, she pulled him to her. Her eyes slipped closed as her lips touched his, and as she demanded entry, the lights in the room started to flicker oddly, and several glass knickknacks shattered on shelves. The room lights went out completely for a moment then as they pulled apart, everything returned to normal.

Vernon's eyes goggled, and his mouth opened and closed several times, but no sound came out, while Petunia's had a look of a touch of fear, but oddly did not seem to have the confusion evident on her husband's face. Dudley however, looked at Hermione as if she was a steak on a plate and he had been on a three-day diet. DAMN...Well serves them right. Harry thought happily, and as to Dudley, Boy, she could take you apart like a paper bag. But I guess she already proved that didn't she? Yes Dudley, that is what a girl really looks like.

"Hi" Hermione said staring in to his eyes from around three inches away as she pulled away for just a bit. Her chest was heaving slightly from oxygen starvation, and random energy was still crackling about them.

"Hi yourself" Harry replied, a little breathlessly from the same distance away, as he looked over the top of his round glasses into her eyes, from this close up he could see her perfectly.

"I missed you."

"I sorta got that"

Back with the initial group, Tonks leaned over to Lupin and whispered in his ear, grinning, "Why don't you ever kiss me like that Luv?"

"I can't afford the property damage." Lupin replied softly as she chuckled.

"Ah HEM" Dumbledore cleared his throat. Harry and Hermione exchanged identical grins and pulled apart. They turned together to look over at their Headmaster. "Harry, we are going to the usual place. Due to the fact that you are now of age we will apparate directly there. Hermione has a special dispensation from the Minister of Magic to use magic out of school since there is only two months until her majority and the need is great. Tonks, Remus, Alastor, go with these two, I will meet you there later." Dumbledore turned from his students and fellow Order members and faced the Dursleys squarely.

Alastor Moody nodded and with a look at the other four named people he disappeared in a sharp crack and a puff of smoke. The rest of them and Harry, along with all his possessions and Hedwig, vanished a second later in a series of loud, identical CRACKs.

"Petunia" Dumbledore began with an air of annoyance; any twinkle that had been in his eyes at Harry and Hermione's reunion was now wholly absent. Remarkably, he was totally ignoring the blustering Vernon at her side, "Harry may never return to this house or he may continue to stay here for part of the year, even I do not know, but remember this. YOU WILL REMEMBER OUR BARGIN." Dumbledore waved his wand silently, repairing the minor damage Harry and Hermione's reunion had caused, and with this act Dumbledore too vanished, but unlike the others in an eerily silent manner.

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