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by -> Amethyst
Reviews (111) | Updated : 04/08/06 | Published : 24/11/03 | Drama/Romance | Rating: PG13
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Title: Sanctuary (3/?)

Author: Amethyst

Author E-mail: [email protected]

Category: Drama, Angst

Sub-Category: Romance

Keywords: Draco Ginny Voldemort Dumbledore sanctuary

Spoilers: PS/SS, CoS, PoA, GoF, OotP

Rating: PG-13

Summary: Sometimes, sanctuary can be found where one least expects it the only thing keeping it out of reach is pride.

Disclaimer: This story is based on characters and situations created and owned by JK Rowling, various publishers including but not limited to Bloomsbury Books, Scholastic Books and Raincoast Books, and Warner Bros., Inc. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended.

Author's Note: I apologize for taking such a long time to update when writing such short chapters. This is really just a miniseries that I jumped into as a project for Witch Weekly - to which I post once a month, hence it taking me three to four weeks to update. I'll try to start writing this outside of Witch Weekly, to update more quickly. I hope it's actually worth the wait.

Witch Weekly

Volume 778, No. 1

Week of January 11, 2004

Welcome to installment three of 'Sanctuary.' Amethyst would like us to share a message with you. She says that if you do not stop harassing her about this fic, she'll stop writing altogether. We editors at Witch Weekly encourage you to continue with the harassment, please, to make our lives easier. Oh, and enjoy the story. Tata!

Sanctuary III

By Amethyst

Draco squirmed. He had never, ever, in his entire life, felt the need to squirm before - not even as his father had a servant hold him down so that he could be tortured. But as he sat in his chair before Dumbledore's desk, which the elderly wizard stood behind, he understood why the darkest wizards in the world feared Dumbledore. The man looked as if he could see right through you. He was like a very old and wrinkly Dame Blanche.

"I've been expecting you to come speak with me, Mr. Malfoy, ever since I had a conversation with a certain Gryffindor several days ago."

Draco felt absolutely betrayed. "She told you?"

"Not she, Draco, he. Ginny Weasley never came to me, but another young man did. Apparently, your conversation had been overheard, and this particular Gryffindor was concerned about Ginny's safety, and felt it necessary to inform me of the details of the conversation.

"You needn't look so worried. I do not intend to inform the Ministry of Magic of anything you have done. Wizards such as your father have many methods of persuasion, I know. I would like to know one thing, Draco." Dumbledore leaned over his desk, hands on the polished surface, looking at him over his spectacles. "What do you intend to do about it?"

Draco swallowed. "I don't know. But I know that I don't want to go back there after I'm finished here. If I do, my father will take me to You-Know-Who."

Dumbledore nodded grimly, straightening. "Do not be afraid to say the name, Draco. It's true, you cannot return to the Manor. Your father must not know of your plans, either, until you are safe. After leaving Hogwarts, you will stay at the headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix for your protection."

"The Order of the Phoenix?" Draco didn't know what it was, though the name sounded familiar. It struck his curiosity.

"The Order of the Phoenix is an organization outside of the Ministry that works to fight against the rise of Voldemort. It was in operation during his first reign and banded again when he returned three years ago."

"Oh. Sodo any of the Order live at the headquarters, then?"

"A few members do. You'll be familiar with some of them. You remember Remus Lupin, of course. And the Weasleys live there over the summer."

Weasleys. He'd be spending the summer with Weasleys. He could tolerate one particular Weasley - but her six brothers? He just hoped they wouldn't murder him in his sleep.

"Why only in the summer?"

Dumbledore smiled. "Mrs. Weasley has never really said, though I believe it's for her children, and Harry and Hermione, of course."

Draco was seriously beginning to consider his other option. He didn't know if avoiding Voldemort was worth spending a summer around the Weasleys and the fabulous Dream Team.

"Now," Dumbledore said, signaling a change in subject. "There's the matter of what you will do with your time until it is safe for you to live on your own. Money will not be an issue during your time with the Order, provided that you earn your keep. The real problem, Draco, is going to be earning their trust."

Draco fought a scowl at that. He didn't want their trust. He wasn't about to cozy up with the Gryffindors. If he had to live with him, he'd deal, but there was no way he'd get chummy with them.

"Do you understand that it is a necessity for you to do so? If you intend to be of any use to the Order - which is part of earning your keep - they must believe that you are trustworthy. Otherwise, they will insist that you be kept out of everything."

"But you trust me, don't you?"

Dumbledore nodded. "I do. However, my opinions about people are not always accepted - especially when it comes to those that do not want to accept them."

Draco sighed inwardly. He understood. He didn't trust anyone, really; he'd been raised that way, just as many other Slytherins had. The trust and loyalty games were not new to him.

"All right. I'll work on it," he agreed reluctantly. His mind was already whirring with plans to do just that - manipulation was an easy game, especially with naïve fools like the Gryffindors. He fancied that he'd nearly earned Ginny's trust. The fabulous Trio would be a bit more difficult. It would definitely be easiest to win them over through Granger - if he could convince her, then Potter would automatically be convinced as well. Potter was a real sucker for Granger. Once they accepted him, Weasley would fall in line soon enough. And with Ginny and the Dream Team won over, he didn't think it would take long for the rest of the Weasleys to join them.

It would be easy. The truth was the easiest thing to use to one's advantage, and he had no need for lies this time.

Dumbledore was about to speak again when a knock on the door interrupted their conversation.


"Come in," Ginny heard Dumbledore call from the other side of the door she was standing before. She walked in with slightly less vigor than usual; she was nervous about this conversation and what it might mean for Draco, and herself.

To her surprise, Draco was sitting in Dumbledore's office, pretending not to notice her, though she had seen his glance.

"Miss Weasley," Dumbledore said, smiling. "How can I help you?"

She had been so preoccupied with seeing Draco already there that she had nearly forgotten her reason for being there in the first place. Bringing up what she had intended to was out of the question with Draco right there. A quick lie also seemed to be beyond her - she had no bright ideas.

"I - um - well, never mind," she stammered, backing out the door. "I don't think it's that important after all."

She turned and left then, but not before meeting Draco's eyes and catching what she thought to be the closest thing to a genuine smile that the Slytherin had ever made.

To be continued

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